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I am so glad that you're here. "To capture love is to capture what is real".. I put that in quotation marks to make it seem more powerful and considerable. When I'm not shooting, or coming up with totally mind-blowing quotes of wisdom (just kidding), I'm either doing a puzzle, heading to an op shop or going for a drive somewhere. I love meeting new people and having a good laugh. I have always been a creative person, so I love getting to a shoot and seeing it all come to life. I call it "the vision" and I can usually imagine exactly what I want to capture, and then I will do everything I can to bring it to life. Photography is an art, and art is wonderful. 



"It’s been a month now that Jess and I have been married yet it feels like it happened less than 24hrs ago.

This is only made possible because of our beautiful, energetic, enthusiastic and down to earth photographer that is Olivia Rose.

Hailing all the way from the small country town of Wingham, Olivia set off on a journey to the mighty Hunter Valley with a mission, to capture the day that was Mr and Mrs McGrath . But this was no standard mission. This was the McGrath wedding and for anybody that knows Jess, myself, our friends and our family, this was no easy mission.

It involved organizing dysfunction and massive energies that were difficult to keep to a time schedule to allow for the maximum shutter speed of Olivia’s Canon cameras (here’s hoping you use Canon, I kinda guessed this bit but you catch my drift).

But we can ensure you, promise you and down right guarantee to any human being on this earth considering using Olivia for any special day/ event or single moment of their lives, that Olivia will not only arrive with a big smile on her face and a heart full of excitement for your special day, but she will exceed your expectations in every single way !

Olivia you delivered in every single way in capturing our wedding day. You exceeded everyone’s expectations 10 times over and now we will forever be able to cherish and feel the love of our wedding day because of you and your passion for photography. You were punctual, you went with the crazy eb and flow of our friends in capturing all our groomsman and brides maids in their natural element, and you perfected those horrible family photos that everyone knows they are obligated to do at a family event and you captured it so perfectly that we are almost convinced everybody loves 110 family photos…

Thank you thank you thank you Olivia for being not just our wedding photographer on our wedding day, but for being a best friend to Jess, myself and our friends and family"


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